Though our simple interface, we focus on helping users discover destinations for spontaneous travel!

How it works

A user arrives at the landing page of our application and selects the airport they're traveling out of, the duration of their travel and a theme, if desired. From this information, we call various Amadeus and Sabre APIs to return a list of roundtrip flights leaving the selected airport within 2-48 hours. They will have access to the price, destination and the departure time. After selecting a destination they will be routed to a page with more information regarding the specific destination. The top six instagram pictures from their destination will be available to the user. If the user decides to book, they can click on "book this now" and they will be routed to the google flights page to purchase the flight.

Challenges we ran into

We found a couple bugs that we reported to Amadeus as well as Sabre. There were small discrepancies between discover search flights and flight availability. After working with the Sabre and Amadeus representatives, we were able to find ways to work around the issues. Also, other challenges we encountered were having to scale down visions for the app. We all agreed on a MVP and worked towards it, then added features as time permitted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to be able to implement so many of the APIs. We used Amadeus Inspiration search API, Amadeus Low Fare search API, Amadaeus Location Services API, Sabre Airline Info API, Sabre Theme Airport Lookup API, and the Instagram Media Search API. We were three individual Hackers that formed one group, and the teamwork was key to the success of this application. We are very proud that we were able to build such a clean/functional application.

What we learned

For two of us, Johanna and Michele, this is our first Hackathon. It is very humbling to know that even large software companies, sometimes, have bugs in their APIs. We have also learned that working together in a team to program different parts of the full app is great. For Johanna and I, this is the second application that we've built. Forrest was desperately looking for partners (lol) so we allowed him to join us haha. It proved to be a great choice, we all worked together so well, each taking up a couple APIs and then collectively working on the UI on day two. This was such a great experience!!

What's next for weekender

Next we will use either us Amadeus or Sabre Hotel API to provide users with the option of hotel accommodations. After we implement this, we plan on showing a map of the city they're visiting alongside cascading Instagram photos where they can see and then click on the image to find out what is going on in the particular city. Also, we would add the functionality of a "roulette" aspect where a user can click "give me a destination" and a the theme and city will be randomly appointed.

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