Weekend Escape

Weekend Escape is the easiest way to escape London for weekend. Based on the weather, temperature, flight time and hotel rating it enables you to browse available weekend travel offers.

Due to time constraint project was simplified to maximum, to present my idea in form of working Meteor app.

App has admin panel, that is not exposed to the user. It enables:

  1. Downloading current weather
  2. Generates list of cities
  3. Downloads flight prices from London (out: Friday, return: Sunday)
  4. Downloads hotel rates for list of cities

APIs used

  1. openweathermap.org - for current weather data
  2. Google flights (QPX) - for flight prices
  3. Expedia API - for hotel prices


  1. noUiSlider (rcy:nouislider)
  2. Twitter bootstrap (twbs:bootstrap)
  3. Sass (fourseven:scss)
  4. Reactive Variable (reactive-var)
  5. Google Maps (dburles:google-maps)
  6. HTTP (http)
  7. Moment.js (momentjs:moment)
  8. Spinner (add sacha:spin)


Front page image source -> https://unsplash.com

Try it!

Weekend Escape


Weekend Escape Video

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