This is my first summer as a car-less single dad, who plans activities, transports my children and their friends, and handles the bill. I also assist my grandparents in getting around, as they're aging and have lost driving privilege. As a result, I realized the current on-demand transportation model was broken, if your not a single rider, have a rigid schedule, or need to reliably and concurrently schedule and sync transportation for others.

What it does

Weekend express curates activities and events from around town, predicts what you will like based on price, proximity, and similarities using Machine Learning, and schedules rides meant to safely get your family to their destination. The interface pulls from Yelp, allows you to select places your interested in, rate places you've been, and negotiate timely round trip fares for everyone involved. You can also view others transportation in progress to ensure things are going as planned.

How I built it

Backend: I leveraged Google cloud functions to organize and synchronize API pulls from endpoints including Yelp, Here Mobility, Here Location Services, Python ML models.

Frontend: I built a Bootstrap and Angular UI interface with data integration in Appery.IO, a rapid prototyping tool, which streamlines cross platform development.

Challenges I ran into

I had issues mocking up real-world scenarios, as the sandbox for several vendors were limited, and didn't simulate end to end transportation. As a result, the demo will show mock mapping where applicable. In production, the user will be able to track a cars arrival at a specific location (i,e SF), and follow the route until arrival at the destination.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The hackathon is my first time experimenting with maps, and while hectic was a great experience. I also enjoyed applying ML algorithms such as next best action to the planning and transportation process.

What I learned

As youth, the underserved, and the aging population become users of on-demand transportation, the user experience must change to allow those who typically need assistance to engage in and enjoy these services.

What's next for Weekend Express

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