We wanted to try and utilize new technologies and web API's. We also wanted to try using Twitter bots and GitHub kanban boards. As well as, deploying on Heroku

What it does

It gets a random cocktail with recipes and instructions. Then it posts it to Twitter so all followers are notified of the new recipe to try.

How we built it

Using Python to scrape the cocktail data and Node.js to send the tweet. We host it on Heroku which runs it on a cronjob every Friday at 5 pm.

Challenges we ran into

The data for the cocktails needed a lot of cleaning and formatting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually being able to tweet out programmatically. Then having it successfully post recipes.

What we learned

Sometimes scrapping data is limited by the website needing to run JavaScript. However, using the network tab in the chrome developer tools you can find all the data the website is using.

What's next for Weekend Cocktails

We plan to categorize the cocktails based on season to provide a new recipe that is relevant to the time of year. Also, we will tweet out holiday-themed cocktails.

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