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What it does

Grow your botanical knowledge by interacting with Weed Buddy's dynamic strain database. Learn to cook, hear funny jokes, be enlightened by facts, and stay up to date via community updates, redeem rewards, and so much more.

How I built it

Blood, sweat, tears, full stack javascript, caffeine & over 500 of code, so far.

Challenges I ran into

1.) Building a team. Cannabis is so demonized that most have turned their back on me. 2.) Writing an app that meets both Actions SDK & ASK guidelines seamlessly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1.) Getting the app published Dec. 31 2016. I'm happy fans of the app were able to bring in the new year with Weed Buddy. 2.) Hasn't happened yet but I'll be pitching the app March 5 at Marijuana Investor Summit.

What I learned

Change, should be challenging.

What's next for Weed Buddy ™

Commercial launch of the first Voice Assistant SaaS platform for cannabis.

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