Get to know someone new over meal! Lunch is such a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, yet we often eat alone because of our schedule. This smart scheduling app let you find someone cool to eat with wherever, whenever.

What it does

WeEat let you make arrangements on the spot -- in the line entering Commons, or while waiting for your spicy salmon bowl in Houston Market. Browse the people nearby and view their interests, but don't ruin the surprise! WeEat gives only 6 tags for users to introduce themselves, so you never know the full story of the person you are going to meet, just like agents on operation!

If you are a little uncomfortable about meeting strangers, don't worry! All of our users login with their Facebook account and we do keep track of their full name, though it is not disclosed before both parties confirm their meeting. After confirmation, you could chat with your meetup person to find where to sit. Enjoy your meal!

How we built it

We wrote our frontend in swift using XCode and backend in SQL using Hasura API.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first time writing phone app for everyone on our team, but coding is not our biggest challenge. We struggled a lot making user experience decisions. For example, how long should the user stay "active" for hangout once they enter the cafeteria, whether we need double-confirmation to set up conversation and how much information should be shared before mutual confirmation. We are really trying our best to strike a balance between the open spirit that goes on adventure and the sense of privacy that frees us from any social stress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our final design capsulated complex logic into very simplistic and user-friendly design. The three tabs "Nearby","Requests" and "Chats" was rid of the linear logic of "request-accept-meet" and therefore allows user to view profiles, manage requests and start chats at any stage, hiding the conflict resolution to be handled by the backend.

What's next for WeEat

We believe our peers will love this app. We built WeEat because us, and the students around us expressed strong interest in solving this problem -- we want to meet people over lunch but college schedule is too unpredictable. We will test this app among our friends first and then roll out to the Penn campus.

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