The three of us are very passionate about women’s health and wanted to create something that would serve women during an eventful and potentially stressful time of their life - pregnancy. From shadowing physicians and volunteering in the healthcare setting, we know that it can be difficult to remember of all of one’s symptoms since last checkup during a doctor’s visit. Thus, we wanted to create an app that tracks a woman’s symptoms during pregnancy. In this way, both she herself and the physician - if given access - would be given easy access to a health summary of all 9 months of pregnancy, so that irregularities or warning signs for potential issues could be easily detected.

What it does

Wee Expectations is a pregnancy tracker for expecting mothers to record their symptoms over the duration of their pregnancy. They are able to receive analytics about the recorded symptoms and are alerted if the reported symptoms are concerning or correlate with possible issues. Additionally, Wee Expectations facilitates the connection of the expecting mother with both the physician, as well as other important individuals, by allowing for the sharing of analytics.

What we learned & challenges we ran into

Everything! Jokes aside, there was a lot of Googling involved - from how to use the Facebook login to storing data on Firebase to simple CSS typos, there was a lot of debugging and learning. Working on such a project with such a tight deadline was extremely stressful, but also conducive for rapid learning, which was wonderful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Things work! (Mostly) We’re especially proud to have worked on something that will make a simple but impactful difference in an expecting mother’s life.

What's next for Wee Expectations

We will be adding more features in the near future. Firstly, we will add a Risk Factors page that will include targeted information for the user given her past symptoms, age, weight and other factors. Further, we will add a physician summary page that provides a succinct overview of the woman’s health status and personal information retrieved in part from facebook. This page can then be downloaded as a pdf and printed by the user or accessed by the physician via a separate physician login. This page will also allow the physician to leave notes for the patient.

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