The question was given to us: How do we create more jobs in Nigeria? How can we make people think of design and tech and remember Nigeria first? Looking at our environment, we noticed that there has been an increasing trend of Nigerians creating their own solutions and we thought we could be a part of this by enabling more individuals and companies to create more innovative solutions through tackling the lack of capital challenge that some of these creators have. We then chose to solve this through a crowdfunding platform which supports original and innovative ideas, creating jobs for many SMEs in the process.

What it does

Wedeydo enables vetted original projects by Nigerian creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs to raise capital through crowdfunding.

How we built it

  • We started out with a rough design direction from assessing our international benchmarks and decided on a scope
  • We created repositories on githib and setup the initial files. Frontend - React, Backend -adonisJS, database - postgresql
  • Hosted the frontend on linode with a .xyz domain name
  • Hosted the backend on Digital Ocean with a postgres database
  • Proceeded to build the app UI and functionalities

Challenges we ran into

  • The research and design timeframe took too long, so we took a while to get started on building the frontend of the application.
  • Hosting on linode and digital ocean. It was a new experience deploying with this platforms so it took a while to get the hang of it.
  • Power supply. We had to search around for electricity a couple of times, and some time during the week, we lost working hours due to a national power failure.
  • Office hours. All our team members have full-time jobs, so we could meet only once physically to plan and code. We had to work remotely on tight schedules.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Successfully hosting the web app on linode and digital ocean
  2. A good UI design
  3. Building a fully functional API

What we learned

  1. Effective communication while working remotely
  2. Devops with Linode
  3. Devops with Digital Ocean
  4. Concurrent implementation of design, FE, and Backend
  5. Direct marketing (twitter RT competition)

What's next for Wedeydo

  1. Iteration
  2. Legal requirements
  3. Customer acquisition
  4. Growth
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