We started out by asking ourselves, What does 6 inches of snow mean to any of us? We realized that most of the users can't related to these numbers that are displayed on all the apps. Also, most of the users always had questions like 'Can i go out and play today?' or 'What should i wear today?' or 'My app shows me there is going to be fog this morning, when should i start from home to reach my destination on time?'

What it does

Weder has four cool features. One, it has a digital assistant you can talk to and ask questions about weather. Two, weder is connected to your Facebook account and you can see the weather in your friends' region. Three, there is a style option that helps you plan your attire along with any accessories like umbrella that you might need that day. Four, weder has a fun play option based on augmented reality that makes it snow or rain in your room based on the weather outside

How we built it

We used the bluemix's insights for weather and apache spark for intelligent decisions

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some design challenges while designing the style option.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Four of us learnt how to do iOS development or REST API calls for the first time!! We are very proud of ourselves. This is our first app

What we learned

IBM Bluemix so awesome!

What's next for Weder

We couldn't build a lot of things we wanted or finish some of the feature though we have made progress ! We are going to work on it and release it in the app store soon!

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