Danske Banks video

What it does

Following the intuitive UI and joyful interactions of MobilePay and WeShare, the WeDare app offers a new and innovative medium for social functions. Based on several hours of internet research and lively internal discussion, our apps uses (possibly) tried and tested scientific methods of engaging all users in a fun, but daring, game. Add friends to a group and create one on one dares with your capital of choice. The group votes the find the winner in the app and thanks to danske banks API the money is instantly charged.

How we built it

The backend is based on clojure the apex of lisp languages. The backend is responsible for user registration and connects the users into groups. The backend also connects to the MobilePay API to charge money from the loser, based on the premise of the dare.

The frontend is created in react native and the UI has gone through multiple iterations, to ensure a crisp user experience.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of them!

What we learned

Interdisciplinary teamwork

What's next for WeDare

  • IOS?
  • Bet on ongoing dares
  • Group vs group
  • Group vs "house"
  • option to accept or decline dare
  • blockchain?
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