AIM - Public good/Social impact

Donations through middle men is hard and unreliable. People often refrain from donating due to the risk and fear of possible con people in the middle and the possibility that their donations never reach the needy. To ensure that WeCover everyone that lacks proper clothing and ensure basic living standards for the under-privileged.

What it does

Our platform uses blockchain to verify and ensure that donations are actually received by the needy and gives credits to the donors for each successful donation which will incentivize donations. These credits can be redeemed as coupons for shopping in local businesses promoting small/local businesses by giving them a platform to market themselves by reaching a bigger audience.

How we built it

We used CELO test network (Alfajores) to deploy our smartcontract (written in solidity) and integrated it to the frontend and backend using Web3.js

Challenges we ran into

One hurdle we faced was connecting our project to baklava testnet of celo. We were unable to find the faucet of baklava and the connection was giving error so we shifted to Alfajores testnet instead which was a rather smooth sailing resulting in a succesful connection and thus marking the completion of our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

On a self conducted survey we were able to find that 63% people feel safer to donate and are willing to donate more in future when the process in secure and provides reward points for each donation.

What we learned

We learnt to successfully write a smartcontract and deploy it on a public test network .

What's next for WeCover

We would like to introduce an NFT marketplace on a full fledged scale where underprivileged kids from various orphanages can sell their art works in form of NFTs in exchange of earned credits giving their art audience, recognition and appreciation

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