One person in every three minutes' seek for emergency. Not having the right resources, connections and available family members end up to be lethal. weConnect helps eliminate this issue by providing just the right help, with a few words of the sufferer.

What it does

weConnect is an AI backed emergency hotline that helps predict the gender, location and age just by a few words. It alerts the predicted departments about the emergency and seek for urgent response.

How we built it

The front end of the website has been built using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and the Backend has been developed using Node.js. The signup has been made with the help of firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Authentication was a little troublesome but is achievable. The main challenge was to reach the end product in such short span of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that the website is near to our goal and is mostly functional. We are excited to help many!

What we learned

We learned a lot during the development of this project. Ranging from the team work to coding and setting up firebase.

What's next for weConnect

weConnect is currently not analyzing the age of the sufferer so we aim to add that in the near future.

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