We are team 16 and ready to make an awesome mobile focused application.

Team Agreements:

  • Everyone has a voice
  • Start from a mobile website

Judging Criteria

Creativity & Innovation

  • solve a problem that is not being addressed by currently available software products
  • offer a fresh perspective
  • utilize data, content, or technology in a new way.

Benefits & Impact

  • demonstrate the potential to improve the lives of its target market
  • the ability to measure results

Consumer Experience (Design, UI, UX)

  • content and features designed for your target audience
  • designed to be approachable, accessible, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

Meets All of the Challenge Requirements

  • should not contain any third-party proprietary code
  • working solution

Proposed Feature

An event based application where the events are bucketed and can allow a person to choose to be the mentor of the event

  • empowering the community to engage will allow organic sharing
  • create an event "share the shovels"

Advertisingless sharing (allow people to find a shovel without having to read through all the posts with some kind of tagging mechanism)

Main Architecture

Events Mentorship / skill set / per event

Built With

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