Here's the backstory

So, we all know about the Burrito Monster. The Burrito Monster sneaks up on you. Only your best friends can help you defeat the Burrito Monster! Start a quest, give it a name, and coordinate with your party over Twitter to slay the Burrito Monster once and for all! (Until its sudden but inevitable return!)

By tracking your healthy activities, you'll cause damage to the Burrito Monster. Do enough healthy stuff, and you'll knock that damn monster down!

Enough about that I wanna slay some burrito monsters already geez

  1. Have a node in your PATH
  2. Run npm install to get all the deps set up right, yo
  3. From the root level of this repo, run bin/www
  4. Go to http://localhost:3000
  5. Kick ass!


team number 4, the burrito monsters

Additional Features

  • actual Twitter integration!
  • different quest lengths and time limits
  • intro walk through
  • notifications
  • more complete/cohesive styles

Target Audience

people who like burritos just a bit too much

How Everybody Contributed:

  • Haley: wizard of dashboards
  • Ewa: master of templates
  • Molly: marquess of miscellany
  • Madhu: duchess of display
  • John: wrangler of express
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