Everybody should learn how to program and the best way to do it is to practice writing code. Because of that we develop an interactive pair tool that allows to all participants interact in the development of some effort or problem and in that way learn and solve together no matter where they are.

What it does

The application allows interacting with one or groups in the same “snippet” of the code in a video conference experience chat and live text editor with the final purpose of take place of some programming exercise. It’s allowed various programming languages in a live code editor that allows synchronization in real time.

How I built it

  • Code editor: https://ace.c9.io
  • Interactivity in real time based in webhooks
  • Audio and Video Streaming: Agora.io web SDK.
  • Chat development in ActionCable of Ruby on Rails.


  • Reach the challenge goal in a short period of time.
  • Create and develop a solution that was technically challenging for us and not only reuse code pre-existing.
  • Create and develop a corporative image and mark that represent the purposes of the app.

What we learned

  • That there is still much to be improved to make existing online code editors a better collaborative experience between teams.

  • That the support of a multimedia item in a web page is something that can be delegated and this could add so much value to interactive apps orientate to teams.

What's next

  • Add an interactive terminal to show the implementation and execution of an algorithm based in a Docker container.
  • To support multiple cursor indicators in the code editor.
  • Add Multi import file support snippets from Gist or Github projects.
  • Allow to video record the We Code session, including the live coding, video, sound and chat interactions.
  • Schedule a live coding session to a future.
  • Allow to soak up a live session an external web page.


Open Source Github Code: https://github.com/jenamoradoc/WeCode

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