Our inspirations were, firstly, the fact that we are all aware of the high levels of trash pollution worldwide, also the fact that, living in Brazil, everyday we face areas of illegal trash disposal on the streets, and we desired to take action against it.

What it does

In our platform, you can report the areas where you find litter, volunteer to clean them, and also donate to our crowdfunding campaigns. In addition, you can donate for our initiatives to plant trees, and help the community to be eco-friendlier.

To report the areas, you click on the plus button, select the spot on the map, fill the fields, and click on Confirm button. The trash bin icon will be turned to red.

To volunteer, you choose a trash bin icon on the map, click on Volunteer button, and you will be assigned to it. At this point, the trash bin icon will be yellow. Once the job is done, you click on Done button, and the trash bin icon will be turned to a green color.

You can click on the Donate button, and you will be redirected to a crowdfunding website.

You can click on the About Volunteering and More button, and you will be redirected to a PDF file, that contains our WeClean Guide, with a lot of information about how to volunteer and other functionalities.

At the bottom of our site, we also have some pictures of how our before and after cleaning areas should look like.

At the top of our website, you can see the total numbers of reported areas and cleaned spots.

How we built it

By using react and typescript, along with express and typeorm, we made an interactive website . An API was created to fetch the data in a database Storing the reports and images on the backend On the Frontend, creating new components with react, typescript and node.js to provide a dashboard, and interactive map, consuming data provided by the API

Challenges we ran into

Time managing, lack of knowledge of the stack used. Nobody had made a web application before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned how to use React, node.js and Typescript, Canva, working with maps in React, Photoshop skills.

Also, we developed our teamwork skills, learned how to listen and organize a project.

What we learned

All the we mentioned above in a real web application.

What's next for WeClean

We would like to create to our users a gamification functionality called WeClean points, that is explained in our PDF guide. Also, create a crowdfunding on the website, for our causes.

As explained in our WeClean Guide we would also like to have a first volunteers functionality, so that the first person to volunteer to clean a spot, is the point of contact to other volunteers interested on the same spot.

Furthermore, we would like to have social media challenges so that people can invite friends to participate on the volunteering activities.

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