Stories shared by breast cancer survivors have led us to address the current real time issues faced by people in India which is a multilingual country to enable doctors and patients to overcome the language barrier.

What it does

-Creates a support system and a trust ecosystem by enabling easy communication between the doctor and patient. -The historical data collected helps the research analysis. -The prescriptions can be shared in digital format with peer groups of the doctors and acts as a digital repository for all information. -Smart scheduler makes the whole process of scheduling the appointment (for patient) and managing appointment and connecting with patients (for the doctor). -Enables patient to order a medicine online by automatically reading the prescription

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

No comprehensive data available at one place, lack of data for analysis.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning, researching the problem and creating a proof of concept in limited time with limited resources

What I learned

Awareness, gap in information at present and identified the opportunities to provide solution, problems still faced by patients in the age of technology advancement

What's next for WECARE-WIPRO

We will continue spreading awareness , We are planning to continue our research into other problems that can be addressed and upgrading the current application and release it to any public platform.

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