WeCare is a digital platform that offers voluntary services that are directed at NGO’s and Puerto Rican high schools. Allowing teenagers and adults to fulfill their goals by integrating to society and volunteer for charity work. NGO’s will be able to create events and the volunteers will be able to have quick access to a benefit cause that they wish to contribute to.

The inspiration behind WeCare is to create a solution for the wellbeing of Puerto Rico and also involve a younger generation so that they can cause an impact in their or other people’s communities. WeCare offers a web platform so that it can be available on any device, whether it’s IOS, Android, Windows, Linux or Mac. We have you covered.

What it does

By having an app were a person can volunteer at events around the area. Once a user registers or signs up for an event we send him an SMS message that reminds the user about what is coming up. More than a reminder the SMS message was selected because we know that in these day’s people spend more time on their cellphones than on a laptop or desktop computer. Nonprofits have a separate screen, where they can create events that people can volunteer for. For each event, we visually display in line and pie graphs the amount of time spend on different volunteer activities, which city has the most volunteers, and which month has the most volunteer activity. We made it so that nonprofits can have a better volunteer tracking system by knowing if a volunteer came to an event and how much time that person spent.

How we built it

We built it on .NET, C# for the backend, SQL Server for the database, Javascript, Bootstrap for front-end, Twilio to text-message users and leaflet to show map, and PayPal for transactions.

Challenges we ran into

Merging the code between branches, displaying barrios on the map, getting useful information from the government data sets or api's.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a elegant project that covered most of the challenges with the short amount time we had.

What we learned

Git merging, C#, SQL

What's next for WeCare

Polish the UI a little more, add functionality that allows volunteers to see who else is attending the same event, recommend friends by seeing who attended the same event as you. Be able to pitch the project to high schools so that students can learn about the web site so they can use it to find places to do the mandatory community hours needed to graduate.

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