We come from rural communities ourselves, so we this challenge was something that affects our family's personal lives. We wanted to be able to help our grandparents with monitoring their health from afar, especially during these challenging times due to COVID. So, we thought of an app that could alert us if anything was wrong immediately, instead of being constantly worried about them. There is a lack of care within the elderly in rural communities and this solution could be rolled out to the entire general population.

What it does

WeCare is a responsive web app offering

  1. Effortless and seamless data inputting through voice data input and connection to existing sensors. Voice data inputting avoids the hassle of needing to type in data and numbers when recording medical vitals for the elderly, simply say it and we'll record it! Got existing sensors? No problem, we can seamlessly connect existing wearables to our platform

  2. The ability to keep loved ones connected and safe: Patients can share their details with loved ones or a trusted friend so that they can keep track of their condition - it's safe, secure and transparent (it's GDPR and HIPAA compliant). Your loved ones will automatically be notified in the event of abnormal vitals warranting emergency medical attention.

  3. Your own personal care assistant: receive real-time feedback and advice from our AI personal physician-assist after inputting your data.

How we built it

We drew some initial wireframes on sketch, then used voice flow

Challenges we ran into

There were already many similar apps in the market within the healthcare industry, so it was difficult thinking of how our approach was innovative and different from the rest. We did a thorough literature research as well as a competitor analysis to see if we could find a gap in the market. Eventually we found a novel idea that could make a real difference to many people's lives.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Trying out Voice flow and creating a team project across three different time zones with at least 8 hours apart.

What we learned

  1. How to use VoiceFlow - our first time experimenting

What's next for WeCare

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