Domain targeted - Healthcare The increase in patients has led to the decrease in the relative number of doctors per patient which results in a vicious cycle where ignored or delayed diagnostics of an ailment makes the patient more dependent on doctor’s check-up. Some also cannot afford to visit a doctor. Also since the time of COVID19 outbreak, it’s not safe for people to visit hospitals for consulting the doctor as many hospitals have COVID19 patients being treated in them.

What it does

1)This project has no specific age limit and is open to anyone who is suffering with any kind of health crisis. 2) The user can use this project in order to check for hospitals nearby and get the corresponding directions. 3) This app can help the user get guidance over what all things to do and not, based on the input that the user gives. 4) In case the user has some health issue, he/she can use the app to check the problem he/she is facing by giving in the vital signs. 5) If the user's health detoriates suddenly and needs urgent help, the app help them send an SOS to emergency contacts, that the app extracts from the users phone. 6) The website provides a medibot, with which the user can interact and ask for help like weather, news, hospitals etc. 7) Because the relative number of doctors per person has decreased a lot, and poeople tend to visit doctors for small issues, we try to remove this problem by bring most of the things online. 8) Also during pandemic, it is safer for users to confirm their health issues online rather than putting their lives in risk by going out in crowd.

Challenges we ran into

1) Firstly, as health is one of the most opted topic in hackathon, we had to do a lot of research in order a produce a project that was unique in itself. 2) Using various API's and transforming it as per our need was one of a challenge that we faced. 3) Since most of our project is in the form of website, there exist some features that would be inconvinient for the user to use on website. So to resolve this we had to make an app for the same. 4) Integrating the ChatBot in our project and training it according to the track that we had chosen was tough, as we were not trained to do this. 5) Also the ChatBot connects us to another feature that tells the user as to what he/she should do and not when facing the health issue they specified to the the bot. It was difficult to connect the Bot and the API and bind them together.

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