We got the inspiration for this idea as medical data are breached all the time, even without our knowledge. So we decided to build a secure platform using @protocol to share information between a doctor and a patient.

What it does

On our platform, a patient can search for doctors in his area, get an appointment, their prescriptions, set reminders for their medications, and chat/video call with doctors. Also, we provide some unique features for the patient, such as sharing their previous records as a one-time usable link, a patient can also upload their chest x-ray, which then gives them a detailed report about their lungs' health and covid severity using AI/ML models. We also have a voice assistant to navigate to certain pages.

Doctors can prescribe the go, when in a call with a patient.

And the best part, none of this data is public

How we built it

We build the platform using flutter and the @protocol.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We give the patient the freedom to share their medical records, without the fear of going that public. Our AI model which helps patient to get to know about their covid status.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the @protocol and how it makes the data more secure.

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