Seeing people who died due to lack of blood,doctor consultant,accident inspired us

What it does

It have got many features.Some main features are : 1.Blood Bank Blood bank is the platform where user can request blood or donate blood,book appointment for blood donation to hospital.Blood donation events , blood group finding are also in this platform. 2.Disease Detector It mainly detects the disease from image. Person just need to provide an image to our detection system, and our AI will process and gives the disease type with how to cure it steps too. 3.Accident Tracking System In the present world, many accident occurs. And there are not many software which can track the accident occurrence in real time. Our system track the accident of the user, the user just have to open our app and click on emergency button, and his/her location will be sent to his family,nearby hospital,nearby ambulances. 4.Video/Audio Call With doctor This features benefits the patient by providing him/her interface to communicate with the desired doctor in realtime video call. 5.DoctorAi(chatbot) powered by AI It acts as a virtual doctor where patient can ask his problem or queries and our chatbot replies to them with efficient and accurate answer.

How we built it

We build it by using different technologies .They are : Frontend : ejs(embedded javascript) Backend : NodeJs Database : mysql2 Packages(API) : twilio,nodemailer,leaflet and many more.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into problem when we are in state of losing hope but we continued with hope again.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Gained teamwork,known new friends,learnt new tools by researching it. Explored the great environment of the college and many more which cannot be described in words.

What we learned

Learnt to use many apis, tools .Never keep up attitude. Keep patience when bugs or error occurs.

What's next for WeCare

To implement it in real world and built an app version of it too And give it to user for testing . After that by reviewing the test period we will launch it in market

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