Wecare is an app built for Tickets, Survey and Billing System. It was Targeted also for easy Communication.

Feature 1: Ticket System

1.) Automatic Registration via Spiceworks API Environmental Call
2.) Automatic Login Access

3.) Ability to use API SYNCHRONIZATION button pull all your Tickets and Manage them through the App Interface via the Apps Interface.
4.) Automatic Update from Spicework Cloud whenever an Update is made on Ticket. Update Ticket informations are pulled whenever the Synchronisation Button.
5.) Ability to comment on the Ticket via a well designed Chat System. When ever a comment is made on the Chat, Your Tickets gets updated in the Spicework automatically.
6.) Ability to Comment/update both open and closed Ticket.
7.) Ability to Edit your Ticket Status to reflect on the Spicework cloud.
8.) An integrated Tickets Calendering System that shows you the tickets that was due on that month.
9.) Ability to edit the calendering ticket due time for Ticket due time Resheduling.
10.)Seggregation of Closed Tickets from the Open Tickets
11.) Ability to map out Tickets that are Open and Those that are closed with GREEN Bulband RED BULB button respectively.

12.)Facebook-like Auto Suggestion Search System that enables you to search Ticket by ID, SUMMARY,STATUS(open or closed), Priority(High,Low, Med)

Feature 2: Billing System

1.) Ability to create bills on both Open and Closed Tickets.
2.) Ability to bill the invoice monthly, quaterly,Annually etc.
3.) Ability to Add more than one Item
4.) Item Price Auto calculation, Auto Tax Calculation
5.) Ability to Pay Installmentally within the invoice.(Nice Feature). That is within the Bill, you can select amount to be paid.
6.) Integrated Billing Calendering System for Recurrent-Bills.
7.) Ability to auto send the bill each time the calendering payments is due.
8.) Ability to Generate Invoice and Email it Customers Email Address.
9.)Ability to send the Invoice Accessible Links to your Customers via Email and SMS so that your customers can Access it and Print it from anywhere with their Desktop and mobile Devices in and oustside spicework Cloud.
10.) Ability to Track any Generated Bills anytime, any day.

Feature 3: Survey System

1.) Ability to Carryout Survey on both Closed and Open Tickets.
2.) Ability to Create, Edit and Delete Survey System.
3.) An integrated Chat based Survey that smoothen the process.
4.) Ability to Send the Survey Participation Link to Users Email and mobile devices via SMS Protocol.
5.) Automatic notification of the ADMIN whenever a User completes the Survey Via the Apps Notification,Email and SMS.
6.) Automatic Tracking and Documentation of Users Survey response within the app system.

Feature 4: Online Presence Notification & Easy Communications

An Integrated Online Presence of the Users.
A chat support System at the bottom of every page that enhances both Local and remote communications via chat text messages with photo sharing option.

How to Use this App

Testing of the App is just very simple

1.) Click on Registration Button and Enter just any Nickname and Mobile Contact, and MYBaby app will give you an automatic Registration from Spicework Cloud. The app sends user 4 digit code no. via Users Spicework Email and on Mobile Devices Via SMS. Users are finally registered by responding the the code sent to him via the apps verification page

2.)Automatic Users Login.

Once the User Login for the first time the app will require that you add any profile picture. Once user is authenticated, you will find yourself in the landing page.

3.)Next Goto settings, click on Synchro Settings and select a query row. Recall that the default set on the API is 30 rows per page. In the settings, you can increase the page data retrival to any value or You can still leave it at the default 30, just click on Update button to set the paging.

4.)Go to API Synchronisation and sync. You will see a successful message telling you that the Ticket pulling is successful and you will immediately start having access to all the Tickets in your Network.

5.)Once everything is up and working, you are good to go

6.)Open Ticket option Gives you access to all the tickets that are open in your network and they are indicated by GREEN BULB images. 7) Closed Ticket option Gives you access to all the tickets that are closed in your network and they are indicated by RED BULB images. 8) Edit Option enable you to edit ticket status(open/close) and priority(High,Medium,Low). 9)To be able to comment on any Tickets, Click on Disscuss/Chat link on that Ticket to update yourcomments. Comment can be made on both Open & closed Ticket from the Chatroom.

10) Calendar option enables you to see all the due tickets each month, you can reschedule their due date to update on the spicework To Edit this Calendering Time, Scroll down the Calendar to, click on the check button of the tickets you want to reshedule and follow calendering Editin Process.

11) To be able to create and Send Invoices/Bill, First goto Settings and select Invoice/Billings Setting to set up your company data like Company Logo,Names, Address,Email and Contact, click on Update Data button and you are good to go.

Billing System Provides You with 4 options

A.)Create New Bill: You can create bill on both Open and Closed Tickets. Just click on the Tickets you wants to bill and create the invoice. B.) Billing Calendar: This shows you all the invoices/bill that their payments are due on that month. Here, you can click on the image on the Calender to navigate to that Bill Invoice profile. By default, the app will automatically send a notification on bill expiration date to customers via Email and SMS. So be sure that your customers are notify before their bills expires. c.) Send Invoice/Bill URL link: This components enable the Site Admin to send Invoice/Billings form data and its Printing link to the Inoice owners's Email Addresses and also to her mobile devices via sms. The recipient can access or print the Invoice/Bill by clicking on the Invoice URL link that was sent to her mobile phones and on her email and be autheticated outside Spicework by entering either her Apps Nickname or her Spicework Registered Email address.

D.) View Option, allows you to View Invoices already created.

12.) Survey Option allows you to create Survey, Edit and Delete Survey. As Admin,You can test the survey you created by clicking on the Test Survey Button then select any ticket and then proceed.

Send Survey URL link: This components enable the Site Admin to send survey form data and survey partaking link to the ticket's creators Email Addresses and also to her mobile devices. The recipient can complete the survey by clicking on the Survey link that was sent to her mobile phones and on her email by entering either her Apps Nickname or her Spicework Registered Email address.

Survey Results/Performance Provides the Admin with detail Survey Performance of each Users. The app will automatically send Email and Sms alert to the site ADMIN any time a user completed a Survey.

Remeber that Synchronisation Button is there for you to pull ticket updates in Bidirectional modulations while Search box allows you to search any ticket by ID, SUMMARY,STATUS(open or closed), Priority(High,Low, Med) etc..

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