COVID-19 has affected lives worldwide. There are various problems that have occurred in different sectors. Everyone needs to contribute their best to provide solutions. This hackathon is itself an inspiration for me to understand problems that people are facing in Iceland and do my bit to solve them.

I came across situation recently where I needed to repair my laptop. Due to lock down most of the service centers were closed. I got no help for 3 days and my work was outstanding. Then I came to know that my neighbor was a hardware engineer and she helped me to fix my laptop. I realized I could do something to know what skills people nearby me have. Helping each other out with our expertise would help the community and the country at large.

What it does

WeCanDo is an online platform, which connects the people in need to the people with expertise. It enables to search experts based on their skills,location,contact details and availability.

How I built it

The prototype of WeCanDo has been built using Mockups. This concept can be deployed as a web application/mobile app using javascript, nodejs, css and HTML5

Challenges I ran into

Understand various problems, identifying the problem by analyzing their impacts was a challenge to me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learnt blender, mockups and got the concept of solution ready.

What I learned

I am happy to have learnt about Iceland, its people, its geography, and its economy.

What's next for WeCanDo

I would like to take the project to the next level and develop WeCanDo to deploy it in real time environment. I would like to get inputs from mentors to understand and improve the project to make it more efficient and productive.

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