We were looking to build an interdisciplinary application, and decided it would be cool to also learn about Chrome extensions.

What it does

It tracks your the urls you are on, uses this data to get your cumulative web usage, and then does data analytics based off of the research paper to give you a personality profile.

How I built it

It uses the chrome extension to track the URL. We then use Natural Langue Processing to classify what type of website it is. After it is classified, we refer to the research paper to see what usage of these classifications imply about your personality, and then prints this all out on a graph.

Challenges I ran into

Chrome Extensions are not well documented it seems

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had a rookie, and our forth person dropped out, but we still made it through.

What I learned

I don't like Chrome extensions

What's next for WebYou

Techcrunch Disrupt

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