You are a hacker, you should focus on your product. But you need to show your ideas to the world. Let us handle your website, while you focus on the most important things.

What it does

WebTyping allows you to create a whole landing page with just a few plain words. Enter to our website (also generated with WebTyping!), click the button and let us surprise you. You will have to answer 4 very short questions. You can do them while you brew your coffee ;) Then, let our Artificial Intelligence build a unique and personalized landing page for your product.

How we built it

We've used TypeForm to handle the form submission, using the user's input data and webhooks. Then, our backend built with Python and deployed on Heroku will handle the rest. It will use the very powerful engine of OpenAI, a GPT-3 text API. We also use other APIs like Google Maps to show you the map, and Pexel to find the most suitable images. All made with love over Discord and using GitHub :)

Challenges we ran into

Where to start... OpenAI was not easy. We had to break the whole problem into smaller chunks, and do different calls to the OpenAI API to handle each text, image, and word. The main challenge was to optimize it for the token usage. We have a very limited number of tokens (equivalent to words) in OpenAI, so we had to optimize the length and quantity of API calls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Have you seen it? We are very proud of the result! We are so happy that we even made our own landing page using WebTyping!

What we learned

A lot about how OpenAI works! We've also learned how to deploy properly to Heroku, integrate Webhooks and use Python's potential for it.

What's next for WebTyping

This is just a proof of concept, but we would love to see WebTyping grow. We can imagine people making serious pages with it, even generating secondary pages and understanding complex explanations from the user. We could even host their sites, add analytics, and grow much more!

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