As children we have often visited beaches on our family vacations. Nostalgia hits as we think of all those walks on the beach, deep dives in the ocean, collecting aesthetic shells and spending time with our family. As we reminisced these memories, we realised that maybe it was time to do something, to bring a change so that our future generations have the opportunity to have such memorable experiences with their loved ones too. These thoughts inspired us to create a fundraiser that would help save the beaches and restore its charm and protect its marine life.

What it does

Many creatures have suffered due to the negligence of humans and so it’s time we become responsible for our actions. This fundraiser has the motive of saving the beaches while also ensuring that the people taking part have loads of fun. The fundraiser has many activities that individuals can partake in. The ticket money (and voluntarily paid donations) go to NGOs that clean up beaches, collect plastic from the shores of the water bodies and make the oceans more habitable for its marine life. The website helps the user navigate to the different events and participate according to their preference.

How we built it

For the creation of the website we used coding languages such as HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT and PHP.

Challenges we ran into

“We grow when we face challenges.” Due to the time constraint and communication being restricted to the online mode due to the pandemic, there was much to accomplish in a very short time. Our biggest challenge was to create all the websites and redirect pages and compile it within the stipulated time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Towards the very end, our team members were motivated to create a 360 view of the beach. Implementing the idea was very difficult but after a lot of attempts, it was finally possible and it felt like quite an accomplishment.

What we learned

We learned more about all the details and work that goes into making the most basics of websites. It is quite a task and having done it ourselves we seem to have more respect for people who create such websites. We learnt how to make 360 view images after a lot of effort and research. We learnt how to create a database table for sign up and sign in. We found out more about the procedures of fundraisers and what motivates people to donate to a helpful charity. There was much to learn in this hackathon.

What's next for Websurfers

We plan to take more challenges and learn, grow and become better and more refined in our work. There is yet more to see and understand and we are ever so ready to take that ride. So let’s see what the future holds for us.

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