What is WebStudio

Webstudio is a decentralised website builder. No coding skills required what so ever. After building your website we host them in clean, semantic HTML5, CSS, & JavaScript. Webstudio works on top of Blockstack's high-performance storage system "Gaia". It is decentralized and gives you full control of your data and storage. No bandwidth limits. No hidden fees. No updates to run, packages to install, or headaches to deal with.

We've added templates to the application so you can get started in seconds. Some of these templates have forms, when a visitor fills these out an email will be send to you with the information. To keep this decentralised we've used a serverless architecture that has no database and only uses the twillio sendgrid API to send the email.

The entire application runs on blockstack and gaia, there are no servers & no databases. Only the additional twillio's sendgrid API to send the email.

What's next for WebStudio

Our roadmap features:

  • Multi-page support
  • Custom domain support
  • CMS
  • Ecommerce pages
  • and many more things in the future!

You can help us build a great roadmap at https://webstudio.kampsite.co/ or follow our journey at https://twitter.com/webstudioHQ

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