Inspiration :

Things we need as women to be safe online

What it does :

• A woman can ask her security questions (regarding protecting her accounts from piracy or something like that) on the app while leaving her e-mail and receiving the answer later as a message.

• Women can send a specific link to the app to test its security: An example is to send a specific link to the app and this link is tested by specialists after which you receive the answer (the link is safe to use it or not)

• When a woman is bullied on social media, it is sufficient to take a screenshot and send it to us . Legal measures will be taken against the bully, his account will be blocked, or the woman will be contacted to guide her to take the appropriate action.

• Women can request a direct call (voice call) with specialists to guide her .

How I built it :

Still an idea; However, we will use c# ;entity_framworke .

Challenges I ran into :

The first challenge was to find a team ; The second challenge is to find an unimplemented idea in the field of women's security online .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of :

Idea of ​​the app "you are safe" I will get it done

What I learned :

We must constantly try to succeed

What's next for website: You are safe :

Make it real

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