Inspiration: One of the senior developers game is an idea of something complicated. But we came up with an easier version of his idea, eventually making it into totally something else in the end

What it does: As a host, you can upload a .xls file that has longitudes and latitudes and severity values. Then the website would convert that into a separate text. The website finds your current location and then shows you arrowed directions to the next coordinates, so that you can reach the coordinates in ease. Once you reach the coordinates, the website notifies you with it, and then you have to find something out there that is worth volunteering work. You can get points for doing volunteering work. If I can find a sponsor to give away gifts for this project in exchange of points, I am willing to spend more time into this and making it more user friendly.

This website can also be used for other emergencies. A lot of times we receive all these texts from the police stating the street name or the number where there is an active shooting or some other mishap. But as a person, I maybe not from that area, and I woudnt know where exactly this street stands. Therefore, in real time, the police would surely know the coordinates. They could plug that in, and everyone could stay away from those coordinates by the use of this website.

How I built it

We used CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

Challenges I ran into

It was my first time coding something of that sort in javascript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the fact that I really made this project work. There was a time where our team was without ideas. And then came a stage where we thought it was hard to implement those ideas. But eventually, all stood strong and we won one of the sponsor challenge questions from Ubiquia

What I learned

I learned that I should get down to some real stuff in coding. I also underestimated myself. At this point, I find myself capable enough to make an entire website.

What's next for website IRL mission

If we find some sponsors and some other professional people, I am willing to work on this project to make it more appealing, attracting and user friendly.

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