What happens when a website doesn't achieve it's business goals?

Who's to blame?

The Designer? The Developer? The Marketer? The Copywriter? The SEO 'Guru'?

When you only specialize in one of the area of making a website, how do you know everyone is doing their part?

We created the Website Growth Checklist with one question in mind - how do we ensure our website (or our client's website) reaches and exceeds it's business goals?

What it does

We created the Website Growth Checklist as free cloneable Webflow template to help web designers expand their service offerings and become more profitable.

The checklist is focused on 3 main areas - Marketing, Design and Operations (all that technical jazz).

Each checklist area consists of different categories that contain a summary question along with bullet points (additional questions) to follow / check off.

Follow through the series of questions to ensure each website you work on is optimized for success.

How we built it

Webflow <3! Plus some custom code and an Airtable to organize our content.

Challenges we ran into

Compiling all the content and trying to decide what to keep and what to ditch. We also wanted to provide as much functionality / great UX as possible while remaining within the limits of Webflow's CMS.

PS - We want to make this project as open source as possible. Please let us know what we got right, what we got wrong, or what we're missing!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Launching any website / prototype within 24 hours is a great accomplishment! We are honored to work alongside such talented makers / creators / designers in this community.

What we learned

Make sure to give yourself extra time to submit your project in case you run into an error near the deadline ;)

(Special thanks to the Webflow with helping me work through the slight panic attack I had earlier today)

What's next for Website Growth Checklist

Here is the current roadmap for the checklist:

  • Add more functionality (search, filter, send status to client)
  • Receive feedback from the community to make this the most complete and comprehensive resource possible
  • Add a contributors section to place names of everyone who wants to be recognized for their contribution
  • Pitch us an idea to make this project as awesome as possible

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