Inspiration for BookHawaii.

Tropical Theme, and a great idea to integrate many different tools and resources to demonstrate proficiency.

What our website does

BookHawaii. provides visitors with information about Hawaii, including popular destinations, the weather, and an estimated cost of airfare and hotel stay.

How we built our website

  • GitHub Projects to organize our development process
  • GitHub repository to store our software and send it to our webserver using "git clone" over ssh
  • Django for back-end development and Django templates to design the front-end.
  • Digital Ocean to host the server
  • for the domain ""
  • MongoDB Atlas for a database consisting of Cities and weather data
  • Free Trial of for real-time weather data
  • Flyscanner API for real-time flight costs
  • Python for calculation scripts
  • MDBootstrap for HTML website templates that we edited to our use
  • for real-time HTML and python collaboration and development
  • Wikipedia for information about Hawaii

Challenges we ran into while developing our Website

  • We struggled to find an adequate API for flight information
  • We began this project with little experience using HTML
  • We struggled to parse the correct forecast from WeatherAPI
  • Auburn Wifi blocked access to our website, so we are using a VPN to access and demonstrate our website
  • We wanted to implement Twilio, but it required a verification process we could not complete in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Despite our lack of HTML experience, our website looks very clean and user-friendly.
  • Implementation of multiple APIs.

What we learned

  • We learned how to use MongoDB Atlas versus MongoDB locally on the web-server.
  • We learned how to implement two new APIs and custom scripts into a website.
  • We learned authentication for MongoDB and other security techniques to secure our web app.

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