Inspiration - As we daily hear news of data breach and hacking related news from big companies like facebook, Google, OnePlus etc. And we daily surfs many websites. But we don't know about which data they are taking from us without permission.

What it does - It shows the content setting of website like cookies, images, javascript, pop-up, camera, microphone, notification etc. And you are able to change these settings according to your need.

How we built it - I built it using HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, API Integration, Permission in VSCode Studio.

Challenges we ran into - I faced many issues like table, api issues. But I overcome these problems easily.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - I built it in 2 days and learn a lot of things from it.

What we learned - HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, API Integration

What's next for Website Content Setter - I will modify it to make it faster without refreshing the website manually.

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