Solution for small businesses to sell their products despite restrictions of the Corona crisis.

The Corona pandemic is a big challenge for the whole world. Besides the obvious health effects, it affects the economy a lot. Especially the small and medium sized businesses suffer a lot. Their stores must be closed. They have no online presentation of their products. They have no tools to organize a pick-up or delivery service.

Often businesses are allowed to operate when social distancing can be implemented. Long cues in front of the stores are problematic. A solution could be to have an easy booking system where a customer can select a product and book an appointment when to pick it up. No other customer can book an appointment at that time. Social distancing is ensured. To see which products a shop has, an easy way to present the products or the product range must be found. A booking service must be implemented.

This could also be used to order products for delivery. Locally! Not in the sense of a classic web-shop, where dealers suffer from a global comparison of prices. On this platform, a customer buys locally, decides WHERE he wants to buy WHAT from WHICH shop.

This could help small businesses also beyond the Corona crises to digitize their offer and strengthen their local business.

How I built it: I have no idea, but I am sure you have loads of ideas how to build it

Challenges I ran into: Local shops are often not used to use computer/online technologies, are short in time, and afraid of the global price war on online platforms.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Nothing really accomplished so far. Talked to several local businesses, got lots of information about their thoughts, fears, existing solutions. A clear concept for a MVP exists. Also a perspective how to further develop the service.

What I learned: You can't force someone to use technology, but there are enough out there who would use it.

What's next for Web service to help local shops in the crisis and beyond: Somebody has to

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