With online classes, students are facing new challenges to studying, particularly with time crunches and taking notes for a class. They are unable to plan a good timetable, and online classes don't have the same level of interactivity that in-person classes had. How can we use technology for an advantage here?

What it does

WebSchool is an open source platform where students can learn through interactive means. They can use AI to take notes of different classes, and can even make an intelligent timetable to plan their weekly schedule. This also contains a summarizer which can help students

How we built it

We built it using html5, bootstrap, python and php

Challenges we ran into

A lot of the languages and modules used were new for us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bootsrap website, the class, the timetable

What we learned

A lot of php, html, bootstrap and python-to-html

What's next for WebSchool

Develop WebSchool into a full fledged Learning Management System

Deploy WebSchool in several school districts to test the real time viability

After successful testing, approach investors so that it can be deployed on a mass scale for smooth online learning

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