1. Many times we forget the exact details of the meeting and it creates some problem.
  2. Some times we take notes during meetings/lectures but we fail to cope up with the speed of lecturer.
  3. English is not the first language for everyone in the world. So, it gets difficult for people to understand everything in first try.

The existence of all above problems is our inspiration.

What it does is a meeting tool which creates a transcript of the conversation in real time and lets you download whole transcript at the end of the conversation.

How we built it

We built using google web speech api, webRTC and JavaScript. We hosted the application on AWS and bought domain from

Challenges we ran into

None of us has ever demoed at a hackathon. This time we wanted to demo at any cost and webRTC was a completely new technology for our team. We had heard a lot about it but didn't get chance to work on it. So, learning it and implementing a full fledged audio/video chat application in 24hours was a big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully implemented all the features that we wanted to implement.

What we learned


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