Personal websites are a perfect way of efficiently and neatly showing other people what you have to offer to a job or internship you wish to get. In addition, it is also easily accessible to anyone who wishes to see your portfolio. Because of this, we think that WebRes has extreme potential to be an amazing tool for those who wish to show what they have to offer in a neater way.

WebRes was built using mainly HTML, CSS and javascript. The interaction between the main website and the python parser was made utilizing flask. Overall, the app works fine in a local system scale

The biggest challenge for us was, by far, learning new technologies from scratch and implementing them into our website, mainly javascript and flask. However, we are very proud on how although such challenge seemed too big to overcome in one hackathon, we all gave our best to implement those technologies in the best way we could.

Other than the technologies mentioned, our group learned a lot about how to coordinate group tasks and how to divide a project in such a way that a big task becomes a doable one to every person in the group, which was something that made us happy about our project

WebRes still needs a lot of development. The next steps for this project are implementing it on the internet, connecting it to the python parser so the website can read information from a person's own resume and convert it into a site, and many more features that will make this project even more amazing.

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