There is a famous pizza shop here in my city and it has thousands of likes on its Facebook page, when they post something about new pizza or special event discount, users ask them countless questions on the Facebook page post e.g. what is the price, is it available for delivery, discount for new customers, can it order at 2am etc and you guessed it you can not reply every single comment because there are not just few comments but hundreds sometimes thousands.

And it's not just about one pizza shop there are tons of famous brands and they have hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook pages ;)

So I had this idea to automate this, I knew Facebook API so started working on this and that idea is named as Webhuk.

What it does

It can help Facebook page owners to set some specific keywords for page posts individually and whenever new comment is posted on specified Facebook page post if the any of the user-defined keywords is present in the comment text then it triggers all or some actions, e.g. reply to comment on the behalf of the Facebook page, private reply to the user who posted the comment, send webhook or send email.

So it uses the private reply feature of Messenger API which is required to be eligible for this hackathon.

How I built it

I using Laravel as backend and Vuejs as frontend (I'm also learning Reactjs and loving it). I have 4 different linodes on, app, database, cache, worker. All of these linodes are connected privately using linode private IPs. App linode is built using LEMP stack.

Challenges I ran into

As I'm the only one working on this project so you can guess how many challenges I had to go through but in the end it worked. I had issues setting up the servers for this project because I'm not so good with linux server management but Google, YouTube helped me so I'm always thankful to these websites.

Oh yes I forgot I still lack web designing skills, as I already mentioned for now I'm the only one working on Webhuk would love a web designer team mate to push this idea to fully functional project to help businesses automate their social media presence :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to built this whole project all on my own. It felt so good whenever I setup the servers and connected them privately for security reasons, that was so good feeling.

What I learned

First I used jQuery for most the ajax requests but I had a weird feeling to go for Vuejs and Reactjs. I had very basic understanding of Vuejs so I went with it and coded the frontend from scratch using Vuejs and learned so much about it.

I also bought a video course about Laravel performance and oh my, that was amazing which helped so much to make Laravel websites as fast as possible.

I also bought another video course about PHP package development which helped me to write my own packages.

I learned so much and excited to push this project.

What's next for Webhuk

For now it's just Facebook page comment automation but soon I'm adding Facebook Lead Ad automation so that whenever there's new lead and trigger actions e.g. email, webhook etc and much more is in my head for this project and yes later I'm also going after other social media websites e.g. Instagram, Twitter and LinkdIn.

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