There are applications like citizen to report dangerous cases around us. But the process to update a case needs too many steps when facing an emergency situation. This application can submit a case as soon as possible with only one click of type. It will automatically send your location to the database and notify people nearby and the police.

What it does

Report emergency situations around and receive notification for the nearby dangerous.

How we built it

  • Application side: React Native
  • Backend Server: Node.js
  • Webhook Server: Webhookie
  • Callback Server: Node.js

Challenges we ran into

  • React Native is really new to me, very interesting to learn it.
  • Webhookie GUI works perfectly locally but cannot access the GUI on the cloud server. I finally found out it is an HTTPS issue so I put another service with webhookie to work as a control layer.
  • Time is limited do not have time to try the message queue for the webhookie events.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Fully cloud-based! The webhookie is on the cloud, the backend server is on the cloud and use firebase as the application's database.
  • Has monitor platform for the application which makes it easy to debug and monitor the health of the application.
  • My first React-Native application.

What we learned

  • Pay more attention to the log system.
  • Migrating from local to the cloud may be time-consuming.

What's next for Webhookie

Actually I like this Webhookie very much! Heard of webhook when I was studying javascript and thought it is very useful for event-driven situations. This implementation of the webhook is fully functional and works smoothly. I would like to explore more about Webhookie.

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