Do you do a lot of integrations between applications? Then you probably have dealt with webhooks before. This mechanism pings you in real-time whenever something happens on a platform (a new form submission, a lead changing status, ...).

Then you probably know that it could be painful to get started and connect things together.

Inspired by a stream I wanted to make this experience seamless, so people can easily use Postman to create and debug webhooks whenever they need it.

What it does

The collection creates a monitor, and we will be using the URL of the monitor as the webhook URL provided to the platform we want to integrate with. No need for servers anymore.

How we built it

The workspace contains two collections:

  • Webhook Setup to guide you in the setup, selecting workspace, finding collection, and creating webhook.
  • Webhook Debug that contains a call that will be executed by the monitor

Challenges we ran into

Few things were missing in Postman API:

  • a way to filter workspaces or collections by name
  • a way to open an external link in the visualizer
  • a way to see the monitor console directly in the app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Simplifying an undocumented process. Playing with Visualizer, and tests.

What we learned

Postman API Visualizer Tests

What's next for Webhook Debugger

Would be awesome to package so API provider could easily provide this solution to their API users. "Create webhook in Postman"

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