In one of our team members' internship, his team frequently used polls to work out who wants to attend an event. We thought we could target this event organisation process and integrate the event provider with the platform. We think event providers could gain a lot of insight from being integrated in the process and we think it is a great entrepreneurial idea because of its incredible scaling power, our idea can be applied to a great breadth of companies.

What it does

  • Event providers can register themselves
  • These event providers are stored in the database so their information can be used to organise small events
  • Provides API for registering to, creating and listing events

How we built it

The WebEx bot is written in node.js, using the WebEx bot SDK. The events API server is written in Python using Flask.

Challenges we ran into

Making the WebEx bot run on a server using a custom WebHook server. For now it only runs locally using NGROK

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating an API that exposes the data needed
  • Creating a relational model for the data stored

What we learned

Interacting with the WebEx platform via the WebEx bot SDK

What's next for WebEx Events API "Booking"

  • Ability to schedule event notifications using Quartz scheduler.
  • Firing notifications using AWS SNS for SMS & Native notifications, and using AWS SES for email notifications
  • Exposing more APIs like event WebHooks for developers who want to subscribe to them
  • Scaling it using Kubernetes where the Scheduler and Events server are decoupled and maybe use Kafka for messaging
  • Interface for organisations to sign up to the Events server. We can then use OAuth and secret generation for organisations to enable access to the API instead of making it open
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