Of all the legendary games from our childhood, from Pokemon to Zelda to Pikman, only one still sells for full retail price -- even on eBay. That game is Super Smash Bros Melee.

Fans of all things fantastic and free, we were thrilled to find an open source project to play Melee on our computers. However, the experience was noticeably lacking the thrill of friendly competition. We originally wanted to simply make a multiplayer version of the project, but were severely limited by the nonintuitiveness of keyboard controls.

We decided to pull in the big guns.

We created multiplayer Melee controlled by phones. By tackling the technical difficulty of maintaining remote game servers and coordinating multiple player clients, we learned much about mobile web development, new open source projects, and source controlled software development. In the process, we made a game that we hope you'll love, even more than the original.

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