Inspiration -

The AECHackathon is a fantastic, world-class event and attracts the best community in the building industry. Each team member brought enthusiasm and ideas on why this product should be brought to the market place. It is inspiring to learn and talk about the industry all the while combining the industry design and building processes with technology.

What it does -

This web and mobile app is targeted for the AEC Industry. It can be used during both the Design and Construction Phases. It is a 3D Model Real-Time Clash Prevention Plug In for VIM and eventually Forge Autodesk and other products.

How we built it -

We fully embraced the Mashup Challenge and the Previous Hack Challenges by using July 2020 AECHackathon Revit program developed by Luis Otero. VIM seized the opportunity by wrapping the code to use for their prototype as a plug-in. Forge assisted Luis with the mobile app. in order to meet the AECHackathon v2 requirements.

Challenges we ran into -

To learn about new and re-familiarize ourselves with these technologies, the various languages including tech-speak, Spanish and English (no one felt the need to speak French even when two members are Canadian).

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

Our dedication and technical expertise to make this AEChackathon a completely enjoyable experience as well as being able to assist and motivate VIM, an on-going sponsor for the AECHackathon in the development of real-time 3D clash detection. It was a real pleasure working with them. They added another layer of excitement to the event. VIM's new clash detection plug-in is now able to load very quickly for the large amount of data. Luis's number one goal of making the plug-in real-time was achieved through VIM's development.

What we learned -

We quickly learned to trust the AECHackathon format, about the companies that we collaborated with, our individual abilities, expertise and learn to trust how the process always works out perfectly.

What's next for Webclash -

Webclash will pitch on Sunday, will determine if we can continue to work together as a team on this product or the next-big-thing. Luis, the original developer of the code would like to continue to develop this code for other providers in need of clash prevention such as Autodesk Forge and Civil3D.

Built With

  • api
  • dynamo
  • forgeviewer
  • herokuapp
  • revit
  • vimapi
  • whatsapp
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