What is the primary factor that strikes your mind when you hear about carbon emissions ? Many of us consider common contributors like the burning of fossil fuels, the utilization of planes and alternative transports, or the assembly of things like garments and toys. Only a few folks, however, consider the environmental impact of exploitation the web.

WebCarbon is a Chrome Extension that tracks the number of carbon generated from exploitation the web and browsing websites. It's designed to teach folks on the contributions of the web to temperature change, and urge them to examine however their daily lives area unit inflicting massive impact on the earth.

What it does

WebCarbon uses javascript to calculate the number of carbon created by web site exploitation.The common figure for website emissions (stored in a very variable) yet as individual figures for extremely polluting websites like Amazon. It takes the date of your growing to come up with a column bar graph for the past thirty days where you'll be able to see how your carbon emissions have varied. It forecasts your yearly carbon emissions from browsing the web - and once you've got used it for 1-2 days, it'll offer an additional correct and elaborate forecast based mostly upon the times and times that you employ bound websites (for example if you employ a selected web site solely on weekdays) and can compare the emissions to what number flights from London to Paris that may be reminiscent of.

How we built it

We created this extension with the help of JavaScript, with the popup layout coded in hypertext mark-up language. We tend to started by doing the essential layout with some hardcoded information, before creating the functions which might add carbon emissions on every occasion the browser address modified. We tend to conjointly created certain that this information was hold on in native storage in order that it might keep track of the emissions as long as required.

Challenges we ran into

We had to work out the way to confirm it had been frequently running within the background, instead of only when the extension was open. Once we tend to be successful during this, however, we managed to make the extension.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really happy with making our initial Chrome Extension and hope to continue developing our skills to make even higher, multi-functional ones. we are also happy with the layout of the popup since we were unsure regarding the {way to|a way to} get that to figure in a very way that looked nice.

What we learned

We learned a lot regarding javascript for extensions , as well as developed our javascript knowledge to perform more complicated tasks than we were doing.

What's next for WebCarbon

We hope to form the carbon calculation more precise with a bigger dataset (rather than exploitation the common with some larger anomalies). I also tends to involve some methods to save carbon.

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