Not all user interfaces are not created equal. Hundreds of thousands of people waste time every day being frustrated by unintuitive interfaces all across the internet. App stores have a comprehensive review system which helps ensure quality. However, when it comes to the web, there was no solution to this problem.

...Until now.

We have created a Google Chrome extension that simplifies the user experience and reduces the learning curve for diverse user interfaces on the web. It allows users to write their personal review for any website, comment, add hints & tips to inform future users, and in general improve user experience based off experience. We also added a voting system and a spam reporting system for comments to ensure quality of comments.

We have a REST API as part of a PHP webservice at the backend which makes it easy for us to extend our idea to other platforms in future. We plan to extend this extension to include:

Addons/Extensions/Applications on other platforms, User authentication, Filtering by social media, Tagging specific sections of webpages with comments, Spam filtering, Providing feedback to website creators/admins and allow them to respond and so on.

This extension and the associated PHP Webservice that is currently deployed on Azure were created in under 24 hours.

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