The idea of Web3Profile was conceived in response to the increasingly significant demand for unified Web3 identities. Identity is fundamentally how a person wants to be presented, not just to those in Web3, but also to anyone not yet part of Web3. Thus, from the beginning, Web3Profile is designed to be aggregated, self-sovereign, and effortlessly accessible by anyone.

What it does

  • right now, the profile displays a user's multi-chain wallet addresses, NFT collections, POAPs, Mirror publications, and Web2 social media accounts like Twitter and Github.

  • what's more interestingly convenient, Web3Profile is built on our Polkadot domain name system. That is to say, Alice's profile can be accessed through from any Web2 browser. itself can be used to receive crypto transactions, or be displayed as a human-readable name in any dApps.

  • For creators, their creations resolved to subdomain names not only automatically show up in their Web3Profile, but also constantly point out who the original creator is to any audience.

  • Lastly, the subdomain of Web3Profile allows user to organize their identity into different shards. [] displays only Alice's artworks and [] collects various publications.

How we built it

  • it is built with next.js, GraphQL, Relay, subquery & the graph.

Challenges we ran into

  • near realtime on-chain data indexing
  • cleaning and aggregating data of different blockchain and token standards
  • support verifiable credentials

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud that the domain name-based profile enriches the concept of Web3 identity. A frictionless decentralized identity service is not just a name, but a bundle of interrelated nodes that reveal all users' footprints and rights in Web3. Web3Profile is the visual expression of DIDs.

  • Web3Profile inherits the exact Web3 identification created by domain and subdomain names, bringing together the advantages of both domain name dApp and NFT-aggregating dApps.

What we learned

  • the transparency and composability of the web3 protocol enable a lot of use cases
  • a DApp with a user-friendly web3 experience is much needed

What's next for Web3Profile

  • Next up, we are going to aggregate more data from chains such as polygon, Ethereum, rmrk and moonbeam, dApps such as lens, project galaxy, governance history from snapshot, and donation record from gitcoin.

  • On top of these, we also plan to support token-gated content and user-customized profile pages.

Built With

  • graph
  • graphql
  • next.js
  • relay
  • subquery
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