VoteEX - Website reputation and review service.


  • Chrome extension showing rating when open the website page in browser
  • Read reviews
  • Like or dislike reviews
  • Send your review
  • Immutable storage for reviews
  • Integration with google search engine


  • Decentralized data storage keep data from deletion or editing
  • Possability for reviewing/viewing reviews any website
  • Ability to view feedbacks for every website
  • No need to go to the other review aggregation sites
  • Embedded rating view to google chrome search results

Site reviews Chrome extension

How to run

  • Run script
# build files to './dev'
# start webpack development server
$ npm run dev

For production:

# compress build folder to {}.zip and crx
$ npm run build
$ npm run compress -- [options]

Build with


Default address is -uUlJ3b5YiY06C99aPBogOkxpECXMgkhm45ZugrdyHk Keyfile is loacated in keyfiles/example.json Passphrase is 12345678

Tx example:


ETH address is 0x3B3AC9B65c2f9602865f0E6d8EEcD468920938f7

How to work with it?

let contract = '0xeFF91455de6D4CF57C141bD8bF819E5f873c1A01'; // Fluence contract address
let appId = 252; // Deployed database id
let ethereumUrl = ''; // Ethereum light node URL

// Connect to your app
fluence.connect(contract, appId, ethereumUrl).then((s) => {
  console.log('Session created');
  window.session = s;
// Send a request
session.request('SET A 10');

// Send a request, and read its result
  .request('GET A')
  .then((r) => {
    console.log('Result: ' + r.asString());

Built With

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