We would like to make it easier for hackers to finish these amazing projects without explaining how to get HarmonyOne. Allowing our friends and family to use their traditional payment method of a credit card to help with the funding of the project. Essentially we created a fiat gateway using traditional credit card payments.

What it does

We allow a project owner to create a landing page with a goal for their project. The end users can see the harmony one wallet that needs to be funded to send either Harmony one or use a credit card via Circle to help the project reach its goal.

How we built it

We used circle to fund a usdc wallet with our own backend API calls allowing us to use a pool of Harmony be moved from our wallet to the project wallet. We essetually is prefunding the harmony project while getting USDC and a % for holding the Harmony until the project is completely funded.

Challenges we ran into

We were not able to find a reliable cost effective bridge from USDC to Harmony. So we built a centralized solution until we are able to overcome this issue later.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It Works! LOL We attempted so many things this month trying to get certain things to work and failed. So we were estatic to see this funding mechanism working in the test environment.

What we learned

We need more time to learn the platform and its capabilities.

What's next for web3devs Fund My Harmony project

create contract for storing the donations reward donators with project-specific-reward-token refund if the goal's not met

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