During the hackathon, several of the NFT workshops inspired me to create this project. I was looking for a way to implement the usage of NFTs in a functional way. I also got the inspiration for this project by watching the youtube channel "Clever Programmer".

What it does

The DApp mints an NFT when you match with another person containing both of their names. The mining of the NFT is gasless so the users don't have to pay any fee for the mint. After the NFT is minted you can view it opensea.

How I built it

I built this Dapp starting with the backend with the smartcontract for the NFT collection and minting of the NFTs. Then I deployed the smartcontract to the Rinkeby testnet. I used Sanity for the backend database. Then I coded the frontend using Next.js and connected the frontend with the backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a fullstack Web3 DApp.

What we learned

I have learned a lot about full-stack Web3 development and smart contract gas optimization with solidity.

What's next for Web3Dating

The next step would be to add more functionality to the Dapp and add a native token to the app that can be used for purchases in the Dapp.

Built With

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