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We were working on Tokeniz2.0 our upgrade to our season2 project making completely decentralized gift cards based on TRC721. and we wanted to create way to allow people to transfer their gift cards at any point, and also via emails. So we built ways to integrate scheduling transfers with Tokeniz2.0 But then we decided to create something hassle free for every user and allow all TRC721 NFTs. That gave rise to Web3 Scheduler...

What it does

Web3 Scheduler is a smart contract you can find it at this address:- TJT34Hpkip1E38ACjJzZjSegd2i2iBVanC which users can interact with from our website, where they can find all their owned TRC721 tokens. from there they can directly schedule sending their assets at any later point in time.

After integrating with Tokenniz2.0 users can mint their customized web3 greeting, add TRX or any TRC20 tokens to the the NFT based greeting and schedule sending on special occasions.

TRON hackathon can to mint tokeniz2.0 and mint Special NFTs for winners of the Season3 hackathon, by adding the prize amount to the NFT contracts. and rather than just send prize amount to the winner they can send them as a winner's giftcard, which they can directly redeem to their tronlink wallet, and boast the NFT as a trophy.

the combination of Web3 scheduler and Tokeniz2.0 can also be used to pay salaries, while also providing a distinctive proof of experience

How we built it

We first created a smart contract that allows users to select the time on chain at which they want to send the NFTs. this also generates a onchain event which your backend bot stores as a future event.

when the time of transfer arrives our bot triggers a smartcontract to carryout the operation onchain.

We also integrated it with Tokeniz to users can mint their own NFTs as giftcards and present them to their loved ones.

this also allows smart contract to send crypto vai mail, with a bonus being that the crypto remains in your wallet all the time, without worrying about storing the funds on any cex

Challenges we ran into

We ran into various challenges while searching aggregators, upkeeps and managed nodes providers annd their documentation, while working on tron network. plus I personally think documentation on tron can be improved

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating something different and unique with actual use cases

What we learned

we learned a lot while also gaining most important lessons about system architecture development.

What's next for Web3 Scheduler

with web3 scheduler next we are planning to build a special launchpad and ICO platform. we also want to enter in b2b market by allowing bulk mints, bulk schedules for various different payment requirements

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